Host an Exchange Student

A chance for your family to make the world your home

Today the call for human rights for everyone no matter their ethnicity, gender, sexual or religious preference is strong. Large populations of refugees look for a save home, harmful stereotypes still exist and world peace seems far away. The world is in desperate need for understanding between people from different backgrounds and cultures. When you become a host parent you contribute to positive global change.

By opening up your heart and mind to an exchange student, stereotypes are broken down, you learn about another culture, their customs and traditions. While at the same time, you become an ambassador and share your culture and daily life with your exchange son or daughter. You will all realize that people across the globe have more in common than you ever realized.

By welcoming a new member to your family, your exchange son or daughter will feel special that he or she has found a second home in the world. By doing so you do not only have a positive impact on your exchange son or daughter, but also on their family, your family, your friends and community. After the exchange you will stay connected because you have shared such a special experience together.

Why should I host?

4 reasons to host an exchange student

1. Experience a new and exciting family dynamic
You will start a lifelong relationship with your exchange son or daughter, that won’t end when the exchange does. Members of your family will feel closer to each other through sharing your daily lives with your exchange son or daughter. Most of all, you’ll all have a lot of fun!

2. Discover the best in your family
Hosting will better connect your family to the world in which we live. It brings culture and a sense of adventure to your children while teaching them valuable lessons about acceptance and global unity.

3. Commit to intercultural understanding
It is within local communities that host families and exchange students will be able to have an impact and contribute to global change and a more peaceful world. By hosting each others’ children, we come to understand that our similarities are greater than our differences.

4. See your community through fresh eyes
When you share your community with an exchange student, you’ll find yourself exploring your local surroundings through different eyes.