Who Can Host?

Host families of exchange students have many different faces and backgrounds

Anyone can be a host parent, as long as you are open to new experiences and ready to provide guidance, love and support to an exchange student looking to further themselves.

If you have children or no children, if your children already left your home, if you live in a rural or urban community, if you are a single parent or a couple, if your are a same sex couple, married or not, you can be a host parent too!

Families that host an exchange student are diverse, just as the students themselves. Exchange students come in all shapes and sizes, they have different cultural backgrounds, hobbies, characters, passions, dreams and life goals.

Because each host family is different and no student is the same, we are able to find a unique fit for each host family. No exchange experience will be similar because each host family includes their exchange son or daughter in their daily life.
Families that have hosted an exchange student successfully:
  • Do not have too much expectations of what the hosting experience will be like, because that is something that cannot be predicted but naturally evolves when you get to know each other.
  • Offer their exchange son or daughter a supportive environment. When everything else around them changes (home, school, friends, language) it is nice if you are the constant factor they can rely on.
  • Encourage active school participation.
  • Share their cultural traditions while learning about the culture from their exchange son or daughter.
YFU Host Parents with Exchange Daughter
YFU Host Mom with Exchange Daughter